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It was on a bicycle ride, in the fall of 2015, that she first became acquainted with Pine Street Pub.  From her very first visit, she remembers just how welcomed she felt sitting at the bar and just how good the beer tasted.  Over past few years, she has enjoyed her weekly escapes from the hustle and bustle of Orlando to the tranquility of the lakes and friendliness of people in Citrus County.

Anissa is a native of Florida, growing up about 70 miles east of Inverness, in the small town of Seville.  She attended the University of Florida and completed her degree in hospitality at the University of Central Florida.  Upon graduation, she has worked as a senior manager for several well-known companies throughout central Florida.

During the last month of 2018, big and exciting changes occurred in Anissa’s life.  She got engaged and subsequently married to her boyfriend of several years.  After months of discussions, she finalized the agreement to purchase Pine Street Pub.  She gave notice to her employer and bid adieu to her corporate life.  She packed up boxes and boxes of shoes and permanently moved to Floral City.



Robert has been a member of the Pine Street Mug club for past several years.  He is extremely happy to have this opportunity to purchase the pub with his wife, Anissa.  He looks forward to build upon the success that Pine Street Pub has experienced over the past few years.  From his perspective, maintaining the pub’s comfortable atmosphere, great food, and cold beverage selection is the priority.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Robert was transplanted to Inverness when his father moved the Slaymaker family south after retiring from the NYC Police Department.  Robert graduated from Citrus High School in the early 1980s and went on to earn his bachelor degree from the University of Tampa and his graduate degree from Penn State University. 


His professional career has taken him up and down the east coast, working as a technology manager for two large financial institutions and a well know insurance company.  In 2011, he returned to Florida to work for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. In 2015, he purchased his house in Floral City, returning to Citrus County permanently.

'Céad Míle Fáilte'

In Gaelic, this phrase means a hundred thousand welcomes.   As the new owners of Pine Street Pub, Anissa and Robert would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to each of you.  To those of you that frequent the pub, we hope that you continue to do so.  For those of you not familiar with the pub, we ask that you take the time to explore this hidden gem, enjoy some of its award winning food and great beer selections.

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