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Pine Street Mug Club is an exclusive club for the person who loves beer.

Membership includes:

  • Each member will receive their own 22 oz., limited edition mug.

    • On occasion, the mug design will change making it a true collectible.​

    • Members are encouraged to store their mug at Pine Street Pub and use them with each visit.

  • Mug Club members may purchase ANY DRAFT BEER (drafts high ABVs excluded) at the same price of a standard 16 oz. pint.

  • A free draft beer in your mug and your meal (up to $20.00 value) on your birthday.

    • To take advantage of this birthday offer, please visit the pub five days before or five days after your actual birthday.

  • Ability to purchase Pine Street Pub merchandise and apparel at a 20% discount.

  • Invitations to seasonal / monthly beer tapping.   

    • Pine Street Mug Club members are encouraged to bring their friends to these events.

  • Organized trips to local breweries, sporting events, and other pubs with fellow Pine Street Mug Club members.

  • Special VIP seating at Pine Street Pub back lot events.

​Membership activation and fees:

  • ​To join, you will be asked to complete the Pine Street Mug Club form and pay the initial membership fee of $80.

  • Please note that a recurring annual fee of $40, which will start approximately one year anniversary and every year thereafter.

    • Upon receiving your renewal notification, you will have 60 days to pay your fee.

    • After 60 days, your wine glass will be removed from the pub.

    • Mug club members are responsible to collect their glass, Pine Street Pub is not responsible for storing glasses after the 90 days. 


Membership into the Pine Street Mug Club is limited and the enrollment periods will occur throughout the year and be announced at the pub and on the website. 

Pine Street Pub Mug
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