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Check out Monday's calendar for the week's bonus trivia question.

  1. VERY IMPORTANT:  No use of cell phones or other outside reference materials during the rounds.  This will disqualify your team from winning any game prizes.

    • If you should receive a call during the round, please excuse yourself from the team and return after the answer sheets have been submitted for the round

  2. NO yelling out answers, right or wrong.  This disrupts the game and can bother other players.

  3. NO collaborating with other teams.

  4. Teams may consist of up to six players, a point deduction will be assess after each round for a team that exceeds this number

    • Teams of seven will receive a deduction of 1 times the round’s question point value.

    • Teams of eight will receive a deduction of 2 times the round’s question point value.

    • Teams of nine or more will not be eligible to win any game prizes.  Just break your team into two teams and don’t collaborate (see rule 3).

  5. Once the answer sheet has been turned in, teams may NOT change anything on their answer sheet.

  6. The host will have final say in all circumstances during play

    • As host of this trivia event, we have done our best to provide the most accurate questions and answers possible

    • We have not intentionally created inaccurate or TRICK questions

  7. HAVE FUN!!!  This is a free pub trivia game and why would you want to break any of these game rules?



  1. Trivia will consist of three rounds, with each round will having ten questions

  2. The host will ask the question, the team member, preferably with best penmanship and spelling skills, will write down the team’s answer on the official Pine Street Pub Trivia Night Answer Sheet©

  3. At the end of the round, the host will receive all the participating teams’ answer sheets and grade their entries.  The team member’s should use this time to socialize and order more food & drink before the next round begins.

  4. In round one, a bonus question will be available to complete each week.  This question will not be asked during the trivia event and will require the team to look up the question on the Pine Street Pub Website.  This exercise must occur before the start of the trivia event and the website should not be viewed, by the team, during the round’s questioning (see rule 1).

  5. In round two, you will be provided the category for the final question and your team will be asked to make a wager based on their confidence to answer that question correctly.

    • A team’s wager can be any value between zero and two times their round one point value.  (ex. 55 points in round 1, your wager can be 0 to 110 points)

    • In the event the team does their math incorrectly, the team’s wage will be the maximum value allowed

  6. This is trivia, not soccer… so, in our trivia will not end in a tie.

    • In event at the end of round 3 we have two or more teams involved in a tie.  Those teams will be asked to wager based on their confidence to answer the question correctly, no category will be given.

    • A team’s wager can be any value between zero and their total points at the end of round 3.

  7. HAVE FUN (see rule 7)

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